My story

Who is Mempathie?

My name is Marta and from a very young age I loved to paint. That was the seed of everything that came after.

I graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. I specialized in painting, drawing and stamping. Then I did a Master in Serigraphy and Engraving. It was then that I discovered the world of pattern and decided to specialize by doing the Postgraduate in Creative Illustration in Fashion at the LCI Felicidad Ducé in Barcelona. In addition, I took different courses with several leading professionals in the sector, such as the intensive Pattern Design with Círculo Textil or the Pattern Observer courses, among others.

At the end of my training I worked in fashion suppliers and independently for clients such as Inditex, H&M, Conbipel, TheCultHunter, Eda Erdogan, etc.

My desire to continue doing what I love without giving up my values ​​and ideas inspired me to create Mempathie in 2019.

Mempathie is my personal stamp reflected in the M of Marta and the commitment of empathy for each project and with each person.


Sensitive Illustration

My high sensitivity knew little about being left alone in creating a “beautiful exterior”. For this reason, my mission is to make sensitive brands like yours manage to transmit the beauty and values ​​that they already have on the outside.

With sensitive illustration I want to help you:

  • Awaken the senses, transmitting sensations and emotions visually.
  • Connect with the interior of beauty and its meaning in a deeper way, inviting to stop, observe, feel and enjoy.
  • Manage to create collaborative synesthesia that translate into sensory experiences for your brand, which has as its main element, another meaning different from mine; the visual, such as music, cooking, perfumery … etc.

As a working method, using my high sensitivity with clients like you, helps me to empathize and connect in a deeper way with your project, being able to capture the subtleties necessary to create what you really want even if you are not yet clear about it.

Do you want us to work together? Write to me at marta@mempathie.com or click on the following button

The care in details and finishes, passion and intuition are always present ingredients in everything I do.