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Illustration and pattern design for brands with values that seek to inspire, excite and highlight


– There is beauty in meaning, and there is meaning in beauty-

Dress your brand with a twist

Do you have a brand with values ​​that appreciate the artistic and seeks to offer unique pieces (timeless or trending) with the highest quality and meaning?

Mempathie wants to bring to your brand:

corazon amarillo icono pequeño


corazon amarillo icono pequeño
corazon amarillo icono pequeño
corazon amarillo icono pequeño
corazon amarillo icono pequeño
corazon amarillo icono pequeño


It supports a slow and ethical brand philosophy, respectful of workers and the environment.

It advocates the quality and uniqueness of each piece and the expression of values ​​or emotions that transcend the material.

Look for thorough execution in the design and bet on good preparation: that the article looks good.





These are my pattern design services

predesigned prints

I give you private access to my catalog of predesigned prints, exclusively for customers. An accessible and adaptable option with designs that you can apply to various surfaces or products. Sign up to get the password.


Custom design the prints you need, individual or a collection. Share with me your ideas, references or moodboards. Possibility of adapting it and preparing it for the surface you need.

ilustraciones imagen completa horizontal


This is my illustration service

Custom ordering of custom illustrations:

Creation of images and elements to show your new project or advertising campaign.


Illustration of elements, compositions or pattern designs for the product you need.

*Check the working conditions and procedures through the Contact form.


Shop for decorative illustration prints, original work and muslin and semi-silk scarves with prints from my collection. Limited edition products.


¡Hello! I'm Marta, the person who illustrates Mempathie.

​Creativity, art and textiles have been present in my life since I can remember. I love creating and experimenting on multiple media and in different ways.

I like to understand my work as the place where they intertwine:

The pampering of details and finishes, passion and intuition are always present ingredients in everything I do. I consider myself a person with both artistic and technical qualities and have highlighted my intuition and sensitivity in anticipating new trends in fashion.

My experience working for important textile companies has allowed me to know the sector in depth and define what practices and values ​​I want for my brand, Memphatie.

You could see me in …


Tell me what you need, ask me your questions or ask me one of my services. I will love to assist you in the most personalized way possible. You can also write directly to marta@mempathie.com

    What service are you interested in?

    How did you meet me?

    Responsible: MARTA LANUZA, CIF: 73089144C, Barcelona. | Purpose: sending consultation emails and managing my illustration and printing services. Legitimation: your consent. Recipients: your data is housed in the competent Public Administration (Social S., Tax Agency, others …). | Rights: we recognize our clients and users their rights of access, rectification, deletion and portability of their data, and the limitation or opposition to their treatment at marta@mempathie.com . Additional and detailed information in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


    Through the contact form of the web. After your first email, I will contact you in less than 24 hours and we will define the steps to follow. You can also write directly to marta@mempathie.com

    1. We specify terms and conditions via email.
    2. I will know and study your brand in depth to know how to help you better.
    3. I give you three different proposals based on your ideas. 
    4. We profile and agree on the chosen idea.
    5. I give you the final version.

    You can request up to two additional changes (included in rate) to finish adjusting your project. If more changes are necessary, they will be added to the final budget. However, we will always try not to require them, making it very clear from the beginning what you need and want. Do not worry, the idea is to do well and as soon as possible.

    The files will not be delivered until the final payment has been made.

    I can adapt to any type of proposal. In fashion illustration I can have a more defined style, but for the design of prints I give free rein to my versatility, to adapt to each new trend and style.

    I can carry out your projects with manual techniques such as color pencils, watercolors, acrylic, markers, graphite, charcoal, waxes, pastel paints and Chinese ink. I also use digital illustration techniques with Photoshop, Illustrator and iPad Pro.

    50% of the fee will be paid in advance, before starting and the remaining 50% once the project is finished and approved, before the final file is sent to the client. The rest of the conditions are specified via email according to the characteristics of your project. If you want other payment terms, you can consult me.

    Mempathie wants to offer maximum exclusivity for your brand, so all the licenses of the PatternShop are exclusive.
    In addition, you can choose between three options for the duration of transfer of rights:
    License I: 1 year reproduction rights. During this period you will have the exclusive rights of exploitation of the acquired pattern. Once the period is over, I have your exploitation rights again.
    License II : 2 year reproduction rights. During this period you will have the exclusive rights of exploitation of the acquired pattern. Once the period is over, I have your exploitation rights again.
    Premium License : unlimited reproduction rights. You can use it whenever you want. The print will be yours. I will only maintain the maternity rights of it.

    *The files will be sent through a download link once payment has been made and received.


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