Illustration and Pattern Design for sensitive projects that seek to inspire, excite and highlight


There is beauty in meaning, and there is meaning in beauty

Visually convey the value (and values) of your brand

Have a genuine, warm and magnetic brand
Connect authentically with your audience
Create an unforgettable brand experience
Stand out in your sector with a unique proposal
Revalue your brand with a plus of exclusivity

Did you know that all this happens to excite

And the visual is the first to strike.

What do you want to have with your brand?

Mempathie illustrations and designs help you to humanize and revalue your brand or project, to tell its story and, ultimately, to transform it from standard to unforgettable.

Mempathie is:

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Print sensitivity to your brand


Narrative Sensitive Illustration

  • Are you going to launch a new project, campaign, service or product and want to accompany it with illustration to give more visibility to what you have?
  • Are you going to write a book and want me to accompany you as an illustrator in your edition?

Accompany your narrative, informative or educational content with personalized illustrations and give it a boost of visibility, personality and attraction.

Other visual solutions for your brand

Illustrated Sensitive Visual Identity

Do you need to create your visual brand identity and are you looking to differentiate yourself with a more organic, warm and close brand?

My sensitive visual branding service is for you.

Sensitive Illustration for Product

Do you have a product and need to present it in the most attractive way possible?

An illustrated packaging will activate curiosity towards your product and allow you to communicate its value from the first impact.

More for you

At a particular level, you will like these proposals:

Custom illustrated portraits

Do you want to make (or give yourself) a gift that will excite you?

Custom portraits combine art, sensitivity and exclusivity to surprise your favorite people.

Ask me for one!

My Store

Do you like to surround yourself with beautiful and inspiring things?

In my store you will find illustrated products for your well-being, introspection and personal growth.

You will love them!

Mempathie's soul ~ I'm Marta Lanuza

I'm Marta, a Highly Sensitive illustrator who was born with a box of paints under her arm;)

I studied Fine Arts, Serigraphy and Engraving, Creative Illustration in Fashion and Pattern Design, among other training with recognized professionals in the sector.

I have worked in fashion suppliers and independently for important international clients.

The care in details and finishes, passion and intuition are always present ingredients in everything I do.

And my mission with Mempathie is to make sensitive brands like yours manage to transmit the beauty and values ​​that they already have on the outside.


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Experience the power of illustration for your well-being

Download one of my illustrated mandalas for coloring for free and return to your center thanks to the therapeutic art.

And get the scoop on what’s new in services and in the store.

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