Custom illustrated portraits


Surprise your favorite people with a special gift

You want to make a unique, exclusive and very special gift to that person that you care so much about.

You do not know how to express so much love and gratitude in a single gift.

You want to give them something unforgettable, that excite them and that is also forever.

And you know that you can only give it with something made with great care and affection.

That it transmits with every detail and that it has a great emotional meaning for the person.

Give a commemorative portrait that they will never forget

A portrait that:

  • Impress, thrill and make you feel special
  • Remind them every day how much you care
  • You can customize it all you want
  • There is only one and it has great emotional value and significance
  • Be hand painted and be Art
  • It is not a detail, but rather a HUGE DETAIL

Ideal to give away in:

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, pre/retirements and other events and special moments.

Photographic or psychological portrait?

You can give these two types of portrait:


If you want a classic portrait where the person (s) and/or pet to be portrayed physically is recognized, based on a photograph


If you prefer something symbolic that represents the person portrayed through different elements of their nature and inner world

* The estimates include the hours of work, materials, advice and communication before, during and after the end of the service.

From € 250

* Minimum duration of the service: 2 days

(Request at least one month in advance)

Who am I to help you?

I'm Marta, a multidisplinary illustrator who was born with a box of paints under her arm 😉

I studied Fine Arts, Serigraphy and Printmaking, Creative Illustration in Fashion and Print Design, among other training with renowned professionals in the industry.

I have worked as an illustrator and print designer for important international clients.

The care in the details and finishes, passion and intuition are ingredients always present in everything I do.

And my mission with Mempathie is to help you convey the inner emotional meaning externally, through an image that expresses sensitivity, memory and beauty.


Those who have already wanted to surprise:

To order a custom illustrated portrait

This is what I need to know to calculate your budget:

This will determine the difficulty. It is very important that the image you send me is digital and has an optimal quality (that when enlarged it does not blur). If the photograph is very small, I will not be able to paint it larger than it is.

For the items, you can send me reference pictures if necessary or search for the pictures myself.

The more people, animals and/or elements, more work time and therefore the final price will be higher.

I usually take the portraits without the original backgrounds of the photographs. Instead I include more expressive backgrounds or with decorative elements.

But if you are interested in a specific background coming out, it can be done. You just have to know that this will mean an increase in working hours and therefore in the final price.

This is the same with clothing. The more complexity and details you require, the higher your price. For example, regional costumes carry an additional cost.

We will start from the simplest, do you want a portrait in black and white, do you prefer it in colour or a mixture of both? Depending on what you choose and your budget, I recommend the best technique to use. Analog (on paper) or Digital (digitally painted with iPad Pro and later printed on paper).

Below you will see examples of different techniques that I usually use.

The techniques available in analog would be:

  • Colour: Watercolours, Pastel, Coloured pencils, markers and acrylic.
  • Black and white: Graphite (pencil) and charcoal.

Depending on the number of people and pets you want and taking into account your budget, we will choose the most appropriate size. Portraits of one person can be A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm. Folio), but from 2 people there must be a minimum of A3 (29.7 x 42 cm. Two folios).

For psychological portraits you only have to take into account the final size to be printed.

You can also choose between a square, rectangular or even circular format.

If I can hand-deliver it to you or it’s a digital portrait that I can send you by email, you shouldn’t worry about this. In case you need me to send it to you, either because it is analog or because you want me to print your digital portrait, then you should take into account in your final budget, the shipping costs that are not included in the price. (Consult  Conditions).

Portraits and techniques

(To see the details of each portrait, click on the dots below each image).


·They are proud of them·

·Portraits with pets·


·Memories from regional events·

·Moments to remember·

·Other ways to remember·

We are going to make someone very happy

Fill out this form and we will start as soon as possible!

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    Frequently asked questions about this service

    Once the budget is accepted, you will have to make the deposit of the first agreed amount of the total price, to begin. There are 2 payment possibilities:

    – Option 1: 50% at the beginning and 50% before the final delivery.

    – Option 2: Pay in three parts. 50% in the first payment and 25% of the total the next two payments, before submitting the work. Request it with enough margin time to be able to pay it comfortably.

    Do not worry. I will always advise you which is the best option depending on what you need and your budget. But you can also see here some examples of techniques with their descriptions so that you know how they were made.

    Everything will depend on your wishes, budget and the number of people. For example, from 2 people, I always recommend an A3 size (29.7 x 40cm), since doing it in a smaller size would leave both people very small and it would not look good.

    For techniques such as charcoal, pastel and acrylic, for example, larger sizes are recommended, since making small details is complicated by the thickness of the tips of the material. The good thing is that the areas fill up faster too.

    Yes, it’s posible. But you must bear in mind that this will entail an additional cost extra to the budget of the realization of the portrait, in terms of printing, movement, shipping and wrapping. Consult  Conditions

    Definitely digital portraits. They are also more versatile, allowing for quick versions or modifications. And it is not necessary to let the paint sit to continue painting, which also makes it faster to execute.

    The minimum price of the portraits is € 250, since it is the price that corresponds to the minimum hours of work that it usually takes to paint a portrait of these characteristics, so realistic and detailed, which is usually a minimum of 9 hours of work . Then all the budgets will be at least at that price and depending on the number of people, elements, technique and size that you request, the final budget will increase more or less.

    These estimates include the hours of work, materials, advice and communication before, during and after the end of the service.

    For more information, you can contact me.