Visually convey the value (and values) of your project


There is beauty in meaning, and there is meaning in beauty

Illustration for sensitive projects that seek to inspire, excite and stand out

Have a genuine, warm and magnetic project
Connect authentically with the public
Stand out in your sector with a unique proposal
Revalue your project with a plus of exclusivity

Did you know that all this happens to excite?

And the visual is the first to strike.

What do you want to have with your brand?


  • Press: printed or digital.
  • Advertising: posters, flyers, banners, etc.
  • Comercial-brand: greeting postcards, web images and social media, flyers, brand universe illustration, etc.
  • Publishing: covers, interior illustrations, interior endpapers, manuals, guides, etc.

Give your project a boost of visibility, personality and attraction.

Tell me your idea and we will give it a line, texture and colour:

  • Products: packaging, containers, boxes, labels, stickers, greeting postcards, tote bags, merchandising, etc.

Tell me what your product is and

Let’s beautify it!

Mempathie illustrations help you humanize and enrich your project, tell the story, and ultimately transform it from standard to unforgettable.

Mempathie is:

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How we work?

This will be our work process:

Through the form contac or writing to my email, tell me what you need If I can help you, I will send you a questionnaire to specify all the details to create your budget, which I will send you as soon as possible.

Do we go ahead? Brilliant! Once the conditions of the agreement that supports us and makes everything clear to both parties are accepted, you must make the first agreed payment for me to start working.

Begin my process of gathering information and inspiration to create the best proposal for you. If you have material that can help me, I will ask you. And if it is necessary to specify more information or for us to meet to find out more about your project, we will do it then.

I will present the idea to you and I will share the first sketches with you so that you can give me your feedback. With your suggestions I will polish the sketches, I will pass them clean and I will show you the final result in case you want to make any last changes before finishing it and creating the final image.

Once the project is finished and you give me your approval, you will make the last payment before sending the final illustrations. And when I receive it, I will send you all the files in jpg digital format. png. tiff. or pdf (as you need it and the size you need).

My services only include the creation of the illustrations. In case you need a layout for your project, you must hire another person to deal with the graphic design. I am an illustrator only. Many times the difference is not understood or known, but I clarify that they are two different jobs. If it is necessary to work together with this person, we will get in touch to work.

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The soul of Mempathie ~ I'm Marta Lanuza

I'm Marta, a Highly Sensitive illustrator who was born with a paint box under her arm 😉

I studied Fine Arts, Serigraphy and Engraving, Creative Illustration in Fashion and Pattern Design, among other training with recognized professionals in the sector.

I have worked as an illustrator and pattern designer for major international clients.

The care in details and finishes, passion and intuition are ingredients that are always present in everything I do.

And my mission with Mempathie is make sensitive projects like yours manage to visually convey the beauty and values ​​they have.


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