Agenda "Learn & Undertake"

Illustration done with digital painting on iPad Pro with Procreate. Subsequently assembled everything and made the mock-up in Photoshop.

It’s been a year since I started my Mempathie project.

My personal brand, with which I offer my services of illustration and design of pattern designs for projects-brands-people, that have my same values:


I will not tell you that it has been a year of roses, because there has been a bit of everything (including some carnivorous plant) .You know, that is what you decide to undertake and a pandemic comes that stops everything, turns everything upside down and makes you rethink your whole life.

But above all, this year I take this learning: UNDERTAKE = LEARN = GROWING UP

Not only because of everything you must learn to do to run your business, but also because of allowing yourself to learn to know yourself.

It’s a matter of learning to listen to yourself and of facing your own fears and overcoming them.

And all this I can only summarize in one word: GROWTH.