"Littering". Poster on awareness of care and respect for the environment.

Inspired by the concept “Basuraleza” created as an alternative in Spain, to the term Littering that was not fully understood, used by the Libera Project of SEO Birdlife and Ecoembes.

Personal project to try to raise awareness about the care and respect for the environment and our surroundings and natural spaces, teaching about the importance of not throwing garbage where it does not belong.

The concept on which I based myself was “Littering”. My mind couldn’t stop imagining what this new nature full of garbage would be like, if we don’t stop dirtying it.

And since I believe that no one beats animals in adaptability and camouflage with their environment, I decided to create new beings that would show, through irony, the monstrosity of the matter and the loss of natural beauty.

To make it closer and more personal (which always helps to connect with the idea) I presented on social networks one by one, the story and name of each of these characters: Plantstraw, McToad, Chamalay’s, Sexnake, Snail-Coke and new ways of nesting and pollinating of birds and bees.