Codorniu contest poster 2022. Title "From outside to inside".

De fuera a dentro - Cartel Codorniu 2022 - Marta Lanuza Guallar

Work Process

This work talks about the process and the sensory experience that occurs when drinking cava.
An experience that begins outside with its elaboration and that ends inside, transporting you and transmitting you an entire artisanal process.

To do this, I have created a trompe l’oeil composition. Your brain will invite you to look through two glasses of cava at what is happening inside the Codorniu party, but perhaps you can also glimpse the abstract profile of a person, who, through the visual lines of his interior composition, tells you what happens inside, when you taste a glass of cava.

A visual line that follows and forms what would be the jaw and in which you will see that an Ars Collecta bottle directs your gaze towards the C of Codorniu, integrated in the background, until you reach a happy and festive woman who transmits the values of Codorniu.

Two visual lines from the lower corners that go from the bottom to the center of the party, which also coincides with the place on the body where you feel the cava; your throat.
The first line coming out from the bottom right, reminds you with another Ars Collecta bottle, that it is a party with Codorniu cava and directs your gaze towards the party again. The second line that starts from the left tells you about cava and its preparation; of the plant that is obtained, referring to its natural origin.

On top; what would be the part of the head, represents the festivity that occurs in your brain. The ribbons go up to what would be the parietal lobe; where we appreciate the senses such as taste and smell, used in this case. And the little lights, which remind you of the moment when the cava bubbles rise upwards.

All this represented in an elegant, cheerful, festive and international way.

Also sharing with Codorniu the values of sustainability and also thinking about respect for the environment, I have made this work with digital painting with an analog-plastic aspect, so as not to lose the sensation and memory of traditional painting, but using the technological means available today which allow us to be as sustainable as possible, avoiding generating the least possible amount of waste and spending natural resources, as is often the case with analog painting.