Commercial illustration. Applications for packaging, RRSS and thank you card, Santulana Holistic Natural Cosmetics.

Brand illustration design with the elaboration of different main elements for later application in different supports and media.

To create the main illustration from which the project started, I based myself on the main aspect of the brand, which is its natural and local ingredients. I wanted to reflect and transmit a moment of self-care, well-being and calm, in which the person is the protagonist and is surrounded by a very natural environment, whose plants have been selected on purpose, as many of the ingredients that Santulana uses in its products.

An image that will show how Santulana products can move you in a sensitive way, from being at home to feeling immersed in nature.

For the packaging designs of their products, I chose to develop the product line with marigold, showing between the 3 designs, the connection between their main product; the marigold, but at the same time showing its differences through the elements that change and the background colour.

The design for the shampoo: delicious citrus sensation, calming and detoxifying.

The second balm design: the most calming.

And finally, the natural soap: a woody citrus.