"Disagreed agreements". Informative flyer for the National Coordinator of Associations of Pensioners and Early Retirees of Endesa.

Illustration, design and art direction.


Elements illustrated with digital painting on iPad Pro and Procreate.

The concept and idea that I wanted to convey and tell was, how the ex-employees and relatives of Endesa have been deprived of the rights that belong to them and that they earned with the effort of their hands, in Spanish lands that were exploited and converted into economic benefits, which finally took their fruits to another country; Italy, for the benefit and self-interest of Enel; company to which Endesa, which was formerly a Spanish public company, belonged to.

For this reason I illustrated elements that have to do with the electrical and mining theme; jobs performed by these ex-workers with Endesa, such as: an electric meter, light bulb, cables, plugs, coal truck, coal texture, windmills and the helmets used in these jobs. And also a hand (as a symbol and representation of what they have done) that pulls up what was in our land, removing its fruits and benefits, to take it to another country.

The color palette was chosen for its relationship with the land and mining, the environment where it was exploited, and the blue and orange-red colors of the companies Endesa and Enel.