High Sensitivity Project and HSP


Project in collaboration with Laura Dapena, expert psychologist in HSP.

In order to be able to explain in a more detailed and profound way what it is to be highly sensitive; HSP person and to be able to give greater visibility to this personality trait still so unknown by many people, I decided to contact Laura to carry out this project together.

She brought her talent with writing and her expert vision as a psychologist and I as an illustrator gave shape and colour to this project. In addition, I also did the graphic design and layout part, and the realization of images for backgrounds and promotion on instagram.

* If you want to read Laura’s texts, in addition to those that accompanied the images, you can do so from her instagram account @sensiblemente.pas or from mine @mempathie_designs.

In order to explain the four main pillars of High Sensitivity, we decided to create our character Pasy, who through her feelings shows us how she is depending on the situation, always talking to us about the Lights (the good side) and the Shadows (the not so good) if so.

Finally, in addition to helping us to get to know ourselves better, we also have the Pas Espana test that they provided us from their website www.pasespana.com where in addition to discovering if you are HSP, you can also find out what type you are.


Technique. These illustrations were made with digital painting on iPad Pro with the Procreate program and later everything was mounted in Photoshop.

Colour. I used a range of colours that I felt conveyed the message I was looking for. Desaturated or powdered colours that will give a more relaxed feeling. Green could not be absent, due to its importance as a representation of nature; important element for HSP people. To represent the energy that surrounds us, the intangible and difficult to explain, I used the reddest pink colour.

Symbology. Through the flower that accompanies the character in all the moments she lives; I represent and emphasize, the lights and the shadows being highly sensitive. The open flower would tell us about the moment in which the character feels more open to the world and is more outward, capturing his surroundings. However, the closed flower would represent this moment more inward when you are in the shadows of this feature. You need to rest and regain your energy and therefore, you need to disconnect from your surroundings. As I also commented on the color, everything represented in a more reddish pink colour, symbolizes the energy around and what we can feel. Symbol of the intangible and what is not seen.