Illustrated Visual Identity of Patricia Balseiro.

Illustrated logo design and its variants.

We chose the Dandelion because apart from being her favorite flower, it represented very well the concept of Patricia’s brand. This plant has two phases and is cyclical. Its youngest and unripe yellow flower and the “grandfather” dressed in white and mature, with seeds that represent emotions and lived situations.

A concept based on imagining that you are a Dandelion formed by different emotions (seeds) that make up the ball. Well, the idea is that Patricia supports you and helps you to breathe and let go, that which you no longer need and it is not good for you. Renewal, cyclicality and rebirth.

The creation of the colour palette is inspired by a very feminine range, since Patricia addresses women and problems related to them. Her favorite rose, with a purplish touch, as we wanted something more adult and serious. With a magenta that denotes feminine strength. And an aquamarine blue that, in addition to representing the water element with a touch of green nature, is the colour of the Tarot mat that Patricia uses. A tool that accompanies you in most of your services.

I also designed illustrated elements and icons for instagram highlights, web icons and service images. Stickers and labels for packaging.

And finally, I did the web design and implementation of the visual branding for their website and social networks.

In addition, for the launch of its new brand and website, I made a brand animation with its logo and the image display of the concept it represents.