Poster and Banner for Greenpeace's "Save Water" campaign.


These illustrations have been created and inspired from one of the campaigns and messages that are currently of great concern, Greenpeace.

It rains less and less and the water we have is highly polluted and poorly managed. Solutions need to be put in place quickly or we will lose our main source of life, water. Without it we do not live.

What I have reflected in the poster is precisely this life cycle. Without water the plants die, without plants the bees cannot get pollen and would die. And with them everything in chain. Because we all know that if the bees go extinct, the planet ends.

In addition, as polluting details that not only do not help, but also contribute by adding problems to droughts, polluting the water, he added a plastic bottle and a footprint of a macro-farm cow, with an identification number that distinguishes it from a free of animals.

The dry flower inside the plastic bottle represents a nature full of waste where plants live among them. And the footstep on the plant literally represents that the mega-farms are “trampling on life” in many ways.

All this surrounded by a dry and cracked ground in which, obviously, it has been a long time without water falling.

A bleak and terrifying image, if it has just become real.

On the other hand, I also made an adaptation to make a banner. Another polluting situation with the plastic bottle and the problem of the macro-farms, for the phrase shown by Greenpeace on its website “Shitty water, the legacy of the macro-farms”.

The phrase is quite direct and harsh, so in my illustration I wanted to capture that.

The water of the future. Bottles of water contaminated by macro farms. The only water available to drink. Let’s see how they market that.

The entire campaign has been digitally illustrated, with modern textures.