"LIFE" Illustrations for the 14th International Illustration Meeting of Sao João de Madeira.

ilustracion 1_instagram
ilustracion 2_instagram

These two illustrations want to show and talk about two fundamental parts about the reflection of what is the meaning of life for me.

On the one hand, LIFE I talks about the cycle of life. Birth, growth, evolution and death as vital moments of any living being, without which there would be no sense of “life” as such. We all have the same beginning and the same end, although through the inheritance of genetics, we can understand that life continues through the legacy in the following generations, not being a straight line, but different infinite ramifications that extend; like the roots.

LIFE II, although part of LIFE I, shows the journey of a life in particular. It speaks of the path that we are traveling forward, that undulates and is full of forks, where as we advance, we sow decisions and vital moments that will flourish and evolve over time until we become what we are at the moment. Present. A past that is left behind (left side) and a future that is yet to come, draw and sow (right side).

Both illustrations are also made with digital painting. And as part of the message and metaphor about the cycle of life, they have been printed on recycled paper that recalls the cycle of something that was born, grew, became and evolved into something else and that, although one day it seemed to be the end, came back to be reborn being reused and becoming something new that gives a new life to what already was.