"Love x...". Illustrative challenge #newyearhopesart2024.


The word to illustrate in the challenge was “LOVE”.

I decided to create an X-shaped composition for it, thinking of the engravings of the lovers of (name) x (name). In addition, to explain the concept of love, which is so broad and in so many ways, I decided to show a scene of escalators in a shopping mall to talk about the ups and downs of love, that it can sometimes be something commercial and that there are those who go up to love accompanied; as a couple, with friends, with pets or even alone through self-love. Others, on the other hand, fall out of the idea of love either because of age, different priorities and interests or simply because they are better off alone. But equally, there must always be love in one way or another, therefore, they are all part of the big X.