"On the surface". A highly sensitive nervous system.

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Everyone feels, but they don’t feel the same.

Listening to a live show from @sensidamente.pas and @helenanualart_ a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but stay with the metaphor they shared about how HSP have a mesh strainer with larger holes, which allows much more to enter from the outside to the inside. I felt I had to put an image to that.

It is revealing. It’s not that others don’t feel (no one denies it), it’s that much more enters through our filter. And that extra, circulates through our nervous system that immediately makes us sprout inside us, thousands of sensations and emotions on the surface; All over the body. A delight many times, an overwhelming feeling many others.

And I can’t stop wondering. It qualifies as a personality trait as well explained in @pas.espana too. And I think that it is not entirely wrong, because in the end it has become part of me, of my way of being, of acting, of feeling and even of my way of making decisions.

But hey, being nice is also personality and it’s more of a chemical and/or educational thing. It is not physical. It does not regulate, control, or alter the nervous system.

Being kind is chosen, learned. Being HSP is born, not chosen. Although it is learned. You learn to regulate it, to value it and not reject it. To be able to open yourself up to it and realize the wonderful extrasensory experiences that high sensitivity can give you.

But of course, my question is: are we really talking about a personality trait or is it something else?