"Orpheus Dream". Change the Museum Competition IV of Zaragoza Museums and Young Zaragoza.

Animated illustration version based on the work “Mosaico de Orfeo”, unknown author from 191-200 AD, belonging to the Museum of Zaragoza.

Reference photo of the mosaic to be versioned

The legend of Orpheus that shows the mosaic, is about a Greek myth that told how Orpheus; Son of the god Apollo and the muse Calliope, he calmed the beasts with the melody of his zither (lyre) made of antelope antlers.

The concept on which I based myself was the music capturing the beasts and making them sleep. Visually show how the lyre and its music “traps” these beasts as if it were a zoo cage, playing with the similarity of the bars and the strings of the instrument. This illustration was made as a proposal for the Cambia el Museo 4 contest, in which one of the works from the Zaragoza museum must be covered and which in this case was the “Mosaic of Orpheus” by an unknown author from 191-200 AD.