Plantable Purposes


New Capsule of illustrated products to inspire you in your process of change while you surround yourself with beauty and nature. To connect with yourself and with the real and natural times of life.

Interior pages

Change is inevitable, but it is up to us to re-evolve, adapt and continue to grow. Each stage is beautiful in its own way and although we want to see the final result at the beginning, things need time and patience.

Learning to enjoy each part of the process can be very enriching and bring us greater inner growth.

And above all understand that we do not travel a line, if not a circle, a cycle. One day you will be a caterpillar and the next, a butterfly, but that does not mean that you will not return to your chrysalis again.

Many great changes require a period of inward withdrawal and introspection in order to come out stronger and better than ever.

This capsule of illustrated products is also accompanied by the illustrations “Empower yourself” and “Give it time.Give yourself time” in addition to a Tote Bag