"When chaos is ordered and magic happens". First prize illustration and cover of Jot Down Kids magazine.

“When chaos is ordered and magic happens” won first prize in Jot Down magazine’s Scientific Illustration contest and was chosen to be the cover of Jot Down Kids magazine.

It is an illustration made with digital painting, whose inspiration was the theme of the contest: order and chaos.

For the brief I based it on the idea that life is possible thanks to an “ordered” chaos, in which energies are able to dissipate chaos, decompose it into particles and create patterns, which together with the four elements: water, fire, air and earth, plus the much needed sunlight and the random flapping of a butterfly’s wings and its butterfly effect, what seems impossible, happens. And that is how the magic of life happens, represented by that tree that grows from the order of chaos and gives rise to new patterns and fruits that will feed other living beings that will also help to maintain that order.