"Tradición Artrenzana" Trenzarte Competition Pastry Shop Tolosana, Almudévar, 2023.

Tradición Artrenzana - Marta - Mempathie

Illustration submitted for the Sweet Illustration Contest 2023 of Pastry Shop Tolosana in the category Trenzarte.

In it I wanted to visually convey the artisan tradition and creation process of Almudévar’s Trenza dessert. To show how since 1980, this sweet has been elaborated with its natural ingredients (without additives) and its elaboration process, until reaching the final result, which is to enjoy a good piece of irresistible flavor. A process of elaboration in which time is very present, because of its history, its processes and the time it takes to eat it.

That’s why I chose to create a composition in four sequences in the form of vignettes, which are part of the loops of the rolled braid, giving the feeling that all is inside and are part of it and its final result.