Wild Woman and Power Animal

Music: Luna Santa “Despierten Mujeres”

Work process

Illustration and animation made for the YoVivoConsciente© women’s circle of which I am a brand ambassador. It is a help platform through different holistic therapies and psychoanalysis for personal growth and trauma treatment.

I wanted to make an interpretation of the moment of connection of a woman with her animal of power, to become the wild woman. A woman who lives in freedom, chooses and decides for herself what she really wants in life, without any external conviction that affects her. Inspired by one of the sessions and meditations that we carry out in the circle.

The symbols used to represent this moment would be:

🌱WILD VEGETATION: Malhervas they are called. Plants that grow and flourish where and how they want. And that although they say they are bad, they all have value and something to contribute. They all have their function.

🐯WILD ANIMALS: Various powerful animals that can rule, run, live and fly free.

🙌🏼 HANDS POSITION: Symbol of our uterus and femininity. There from where we create everything, from where our power arises.

🌕 SETTING: In the middle of the night, under the light of the full moon. When all the magic arises and all the power is uncovered.

🎨COLOURS: Vibrant and powerful. A natural range that surrounds the protagonist red that represents the powerful.

At the bottom of the page you can see the part of the process of how this illustration was made.