Narrative Sensitive Illustration


Enhance the value of your project with custom illustration

It’s your “the Apple of my Eye”.

That project you dreamed of since you were little.

The one you’ve been working “in the bedroom” for months (even years).

Where you are pouring all your talent, your values, your most authentic essence.

A narrative, educational, informative or artistic project that you want to have the best possible impact on its environment.

It makes you too excited!

You know its internal value well, but you know that it also has to be “palatable” on the outside so that the rest of the world wants to discover it.

Accompany your project of Narrative Sensitive Illustration and

launch your most memorable project

A project that:

  • Excite, inspire, stir consciences
  • Have your own packaging, consistency and personality
  • Differentiate you from your competition and make you stand out in the sector
  • Reflect your essence and values ​​from the first impression
  • Immediately connect with your target audience

Soul, warmth, humanity

It is the hallmark of the Mempathie illustrations.

Because if you are here you are not looking for the typical cold, marketer and aseptic result.

You are looking for something more artistic, inspiring and comforting.

Because you know well that, if you don’t excite, you don’t communicate.

And I’m looking forward to accompanying you to shape your ideas:

Is for you?

Narrative Sensitive Illustration is perfect for you if you have a project of a narrative, informative, artistic or educational nature, from the most varied sectors:


Cosmetics, natural beauty

Health & Wellness

Music, audiovisual

Art, craft


Psychology, coaching


Where can you apply it?

  • Publishing sector: your book
  • Advertising or presentation campaigns
  • Postcards that accompany your project
  • Illustrated prints, flyers, posters
  • Project presentation animations
  • Product explanation brochures
  • Thank you postcards
  • Educational support material, manuals, guides …
  • Visual material for your website, social networks …

And everything you can think of!

In print (physical) or digital.

Tell me your idea and we will give it a line, texture and colour:

To see these projects in depth and learn more about them or see more work, visit my Portfolio.

Who am I to help you?

I'm Marta, a Highly Sensitive illustrator who was born with a box of paints under her arm;)

I studied Fine Arts, Serigraphy and Engraving, Creative Illustration in Fashion and Pattern Design, among other training with recognized professionals in the sector.

I have worked in fashion suppliers and independently for important international clients.

The care in details and finishes, passion and intuition are always present ingredients in everything I do.

And my mission with Mempathie is to make sensitive brands like yours manage to transmit the beauty and values ​​that they already have on the outside.


They say:

To order Narrative Sensitive Illustration

This is what I need to know to calculate your budget:

It does not have the same price to request one illustration as several. Quantity discount is made.

Need full-page, half-page, or quarter-page illustrations? The larger the size, the higher the price.

The use of color can increase the cost if it involves more hours of work.

Do you need me to illustrate the cover, spine and back cover of your book as well? These files, in addition, I can layout them for printing. I will need to know the exact measurements of the cover, the bleed measurements that your printer recommends and the thickness of the spine of your book, which will be provided in your printer once you have chosen the thickness of the paper for your book and you know the number of pages totals it contains.

In how many supports do you want to capture the illustrations or in what quantity of products (such as books)? The percentage of rights will be increased depending on the number of copies you reproduce and must be reflected in our budget so that the transfer of rights is legal (and not null).

Are you going to create merchandising? In that case, I have to know which media you will use and how many, to assign you the reproduction rights on those media and adapt the percentage of transfer of reproduction rights and commercial exploitation so that it covers everything.


– Posters, prints and exhibition posters.

– Postcards, greeting cards or invitation cards.

– Non-advertising brochures, bookstore catalogs or any other product distributed by professionals, as well as internal company newsletters.

– Badges, t-shirts, stickers or any type of product related to the promotion.

When do you need the final files to be delivered to you? The longer the margin, the better. I also need it to be able to plan. Short time margins will be reflected in the final price with an increase.

I need to know for which countries I should make the transfer of rights.

You can request to have the exclusive or non-exclusive rights to the images. To learn more, check the Conditions.

How will we work?

This will be our work process:

Through the contact form you tell me what you need. I will write you as soon as possible to specify everything and prepare a budget without obligation.

Do we move on? Cool! We agree to the corresponding transfer of rights, and once the conditions of the agreement that supports both parties have been accepted, you will make the first agreed payment for me to start working.

Begin my process of gathering information and inspiration to create the best proposal for you. If you have material that can help me, I will ask you. It may also need your involvement to create joint inspiration boards.

I will present the idea to you and share the first sketches with you so you can give me your feedback. With your suggestions I will polish the sketches, clean them and show you the final result in case you want to make any last changes. The service includes up to two changes, with the aim that the final version will make you fall in love!

If in addition to the illustrations, you need me to model the final design of your book or project, I can also help you (additional price).

I will send you all the illustrations in digital jpg format. or pdf. If you have to print them, I will send them to you fully prepared for it.

We are going to illustrate your project

Fill out this form and we will start as soon as possible!

Responsible: MARTA LANUZA, CIF: 73089144C, Barcelona. | Purpose: sending emails for consultation and management of my illustration and pattern design services. Legitimation: your consent. | Recipients: your data is housed in the competent public Administration (Social Security, Tax Agency, others …). | Rights: we recognize our clients and users their rights of access, rectification, deletion and portability of their data, and the limitation or opposition to their treatment at Additional and detailed information in the  Privacy Policy y Terms & Conditions.

    How did you meet me?

    What service are you interested in?


    Frequently asked questions about this service

    Once the budget is accepted, you will have to make the deposit of the first agreed amount of the total price, to begin. There are 2 payment possibilities:
    – Option 1: 50% at the beginning and 50% before the final delivery.
    – Option 2: (only for budgets from € 800). Payment divided into 3 or 4 parts. It is necessary to contract the service well in advance to be able to fully finance it before the final delivery.

    In both cases, all the work carried out will be paid regardless of whether the client finally wants to use it or not.

    In illustration services there is always an implicit transfer of rights. Depending on the license you choose, the budget and your usage rights will vary. Consult all the information about the types of license in the section Conditions.

    Yes, the book should state that I have illustrated it. Accompanying you as an illustrator makes me a collaborator of your book: you write and I illustrate. Therefore, for future editions in addition (once our first contract for the assignment of rights has ended), if you wish to continue using my illustrations, we would have to agree on a percentage of profit on the sale of the book, in concept of the assignment of commercial use. See all the info in the section Conditions.

    I can carry out your projects with manual techniques such as coloured pencils, watercolours, acrylic, markers, graphite, charcoal, waxes, pastel paints and India ink. I also use digital illustration techniques with Photoshop, Illustrator and Ipad Pro.

    To see more work you can take a look to my Portfolio.