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Manual Mothers

Illustrations made for Vocento Group for the El Correo Daily, Living section.

Brief: Modern mothers are very much into reading books, educating themselves, resolving doubts and worries, which are not few. One expert explains that almost all of them are trifles and advocates an imperfect upbringing, with less stress. She points out six recurring reasons for maternal stress (subject to debate and controversy, such as breastfeeding, how children should play, co-sleeping, the child’s friends…) and tells us how to deal with it naturally.

Concept: To convey the feeling of overcoming that motherhood can bring by trying to do everything perfectly.


AD | Alejandro Sánchez

Different media adaptations

El Correo Daily

Decorate the garden with vegetables

Illustrations made for the El Correo Daily, Living section.

Brief: Oleracea (ornamental cabbage), is the fashionable plant in all gardens for the colorful leaves and for being winter plants. 

Concept: Convey that it is urban and trendy.


AD | Alejandro Belman

Different media adaptations